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Tamils' self determination was never LTTE's Goal

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

By Ian

Many Tamils (and non Tamils) staunchly believe that the intention of VP and LTTE was to secure a Tamil nation in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Many were dreaming of a developed and democratic Tamil nation and were on the belief that VP will deliver that dream to them. It is my belief that the VP’s war since 1980’s in Sri Lanka has been fought only to fulfill dubious political and financial aspirations of narcissist namely Velupillai Prabakaran (VP) and has never been a war to fulfill any so-called aspirations of Tamil people or to seek self determination by Tamils due to ‘discriminations’ by the majority Sinhalese.

This is an appeal to Tamil Diaspora to carefully and objectively analyze the events of last few years one by one and to determine your selves whether there was any possibility of VP delivering the dream land, and to comprehend what his questionable plans and motivations were.LTTE leadership (VP) never had a belief that an Ealam can be secured within Sri Lanka. Nor did he have any intention of securing a democratic state for Tamils. At least not after 1990's when VP/LTTE lost the support of India that made a repeat of a ‘Cyprus’ style creation of a state impossible. Although the Tamil National Movement (TNM) fought peacefully for a Tamil nation first in India and then in Sri Lanka since 1920’s, LTTE successfully hijacked the ‘struggle’ from them in the 1980’s after eliminating democratic Tamil leadership and other armed groups. Thereafter the so-called ‘aspirations’ of Tamils was only used and abused to fulfill the ambitions and aspirations of one man. TNM and Diaspora did not have a say or did not realize what is happening or chose to ignore the obvious. Thereafter they were contended in providing funds to VP willingly due to their stupidity or due to coercion.

Consider what took place in the last 20 odd years to see whether this is not what really happened. First Let us consider what VP would have done if he was really keen on fulfilling ‘Tamil aspirations’.

If VP was keen on securing self determination for Tamils;

(a) He wouldn’t have killed Rajiv Gandhi and ensured that the support of India remained in tact.
(b) He would have used the Indo-Lanka accord to win self determination when pressure from Indian government was on.
(c) He would have taken the advantage of the ‘Federal’ offer made with all eyes of international community focused on the issue during the peace talks during CFA inspite of the fact that a federal solution was the absolute maximum they could ‘aspire’ to after the 1980’s.
(d) He would have obtained the massive development aid offered during CFA by the international community through GOSL and used the funds to develop the area rather than killing it on the now infamous ISGA demand. Had he done that also with the additional funds coming in the area by way of investments by now the area would have developed substantially giving employment opportunities and much better standard of living to the people. If he was to use the money for development whether it comes directly or through GOSL would not have mattered. As he wanted to pilfer the money he insisted that ISGA be formed and money given directly.
(e) He would have obtained the Tsunami aid through GOSL rather than insisting of a PTOMS agreement, and used to restore the losses to the victims.
(f) He would have used millions of Diaspora money that comes his way to enhance the living conditions of the poor who is living in the areas that was under their control.
(g) He would have developed a 2nd in command and a proper hierarchy to continue the struggle if he is eliminated.
(h) He would have given shoes to his fighters and if impossible to get he would have opened a shoe factory like he had factories to produce boats and arms.
(i) He wouldn’t have ordered the killing of innocent civilians in all communities and Buddhist clergy and limited the campaigns against the armed forces. He could have avoided international condemnation had he done that.
(j) He would have introduced a (at least internally) transparent mechanism to manage the funds of the LTTE.
(k) He wouldn’t have enforced a boycott of the elections in 2005 as they had the best opportunity of reaching the ‘aspirations’ under a presidentship of Ranil Wickramasinghe.
(l) He would have appointed a group of eminent persons to advise him on political matters and also to have a control on finance matters.

Now consider what really happened

After 1990’s VP/LTTE operations was only a mega business that was selling an 'Ealam promise' to the Diaspora for return of millions of dollars and investing and conducting other businesses such as shipping lines and stock market investments etc. It is only a complex version with a worldwide span of an operation of a village thug who live on extortion and protection money, keep people on fear and eliminate the foes who are considered a threat to the ‘business’. It is clear that what VP only wanted after 1990’s was this status quo to remain and this cash flow and the ‘business’ to continue and NOT to secure a separate state for Tamils.

He very well knew delegation of powers if any by the center and a resultant democratically elected body or government will put a stop to his indefinite control on the people and continuous supply of vast amounts of money and his absolute control on the money.

The status quo VP wanted to remain intact was;

(1) Indefinite enforced control on the innocent civilians and their lives while their health, education and food are finance by the GOSL.
(2) ‘Sun God” status and ‘leadership’ of the entire world Tamil community.
(3) Using and abusing ‘Tamil aspirations’ of statehood and ‘discrimination by the majority’ stories to keep his personal agenda going for indefinite period.
(4) Brainwashing generations after generations to ensure blind loyalty to VP and cultivate inherent hatred towards the majority to ensure his survival and to continuous supply of cadres.
(5) Eliminating anyone who would contradict him or anyone who is seen as a current/future threat to his regime.
(6) To maintain and enhance the territory for the mafia under control of VP and not losing the territory to SLA.
(7) Occasional sinking of a Navy ship or two or attacking a SLA camp as 'marketing and promotion' to increase or maintain the cash flow from Diaspora and also to keep GOSL at bay.
(8) Collecting and investing billions of dollars pretending to be for the sake of a Tamil state and having the full control of the purse which not even a leader of a state is empowered to.
(9) Win some concessions at every election and to use to eliminate the future threats during the campaigning period.

The changes in the world order (and in Sri Lanka) in the 2000’s however required some master manipulations to ensure that the continuity of the business is not under threat (or to ‘legalize’ the business).

The threats to the status quo in the early 2000’s

(1) 9/11 and resultant major changes in the world order and the immense pressure on terrorist organizations.
(2) Change in the western perceptions on terrorism when it hit home.
(3) Work of Late. Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar and resultant listing of LTTE as a terrorist organization by many countries that was also motivated by the US led fight on terror.
(4) Pressure on terrorist financing and funds by the US led west.
(5) Difficulties in obtaining arms and ammunition with the increased pressure/monitoring of supply sources by USA and western countries to control Al-Quida.
(6) Activities of Sri Lankan Special Forces and LRRP etc.

The ‘master strategist’ implemented an elaborate plan to face the threats to the status quo due to 9/11 and other events and to ‘legalize’ the business.

(1) Using terrorist sympathizer Norway for a peace talks and a CFA with the intention of establishing an ‘official’ territory (ISGA) under VP’s control in place of unofficial territory he had thus far. (He could have used the same resources to win a federal state but his intentions were more selfish).
(2) Attacks on SLA camps before the 2001 election to enhance territory so that there would be larger area for the territory for VP’s control. Area is important for local ‘tax’ collection and receiving larger slices of the aid etc.

Following intentions/actions of VP during CFA clearly demonstrates that it was never about ‘winning’ Tamil rights.

(1) Never seriously pursuing the peace talks because if and when a federal or other solution is accepted then VP/LTTE becomes irrelevant and other democratic Tamil leaders would emerge.
(2) When there was no need for further funds appealing to the Diaspora to contribute larger sums that before. (this campaign was spearheaded by Late Mr. Anton Balasingham on VP’s instructions)
(3) Smuggling in an ISGA proposal (under VP/LTTE control) to scuttle the need/attempt to establish a democratically elected body to devolve power based on a solution on the peace talks.
(4) Elimination of Tamils and other foes during the period to be the sole beneficiary of the ‘businesses.
(5) Using the international attention to the CFA talks to gain money and recognition and stature to VP and LTTE.
(6) Attempting to get the control of Tsunami aid rather than GOSL doing the rehabilitation work.
(7) Enhancing and replenishing the stock piles of arms and ammunition.
(8) Elimination of other Tamil leaders that has international recognition such as Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar as he was exposing VP and LTTE most credibly among the IC.
(9) Attempts to Eliminate LRRP to eliminate the threats to his and his stooges’ lives.
(10) ‘Selling’ Tsunami and its victims to get aid to TRO and other organizations that ended up in VP/LTTE’s coffers.

The CFA also created some headaches to VP that made him to look for another avenue. The thorny issues of CFA to VP were;

(1) Foreign governments not accommodating asylum requests and many asylum court cases being lost. This was a threat to the further enhancing the Diaspora numbers for funding business.
(2) Significant reduction of voluntary contributions from the Diaspora as there was no war.
(3) Co-chairs, the international community and the GOSL pushing for a ‘solution’ that would have put a gradual end to the LTTE supremacy. (If a solution is accepted then democratization would have to be accommodated).
(4) Not having the control of the sea areas and the resultant difficulties for the imports of arms.
(5) ISGA plan (that was put forward after CFA was signed) been obstructed by the takeover of ministries by JVP backed PA presidency.
(6) Defection of Karuna and his loyalists.
(7) Inability to get hold of the IC aid and Tsunami money (due to failure of PTOMS).

Out of the above issues what bothered VP most was to the pressure of peace talks and agreeing to a ‘solution’. Mind you any solution agreed upon would put an end to the indefinite regime of VP as if GOSL was to devolve power it would be doing so to a democratic body rather than to a single individual. Therefore naturally he wanted to get out of the peace talks and possibly from CFA but wanted to not to look like the villain in doing so. (As previous ceasefire agreements were breached by VP/LTTE that had negative impact on them.)

An opportunity was presented him by way of a presidential election that was advanced by 12 months due to a court decision.He had two options in the election of 2005

(a) To let people vote and let Mr. Ranil W win, that would with the IC blessings would won the Tamils a federal state.
(b) To facilitate MR win to return to status quo that is not beneficial for the Tamils but suit his personal agenda perfectly.VP’s (selfish) decision was naturally to support a nationalist/ultra nationalist candidate and get him to terminate the CFA and get back to the status quo as the ‘innocent party’.

Once VP opted for MR as ‘their choice’ for the 2005 election he did not forget to make a buck to his ‘business’ too. Although the winning of MR was what he wanted as usual he put a price for doing what he wants to do. (He did same with President Premadasa) However ‘assassinations method’ that was used in 1994, 2000, and 2001 was not possible as if Ranil Wickramasinghe was assassinated it would have made a major dent on the recognition LTTE had at that time and would have had a significant impact on the fundraising in the western fronts. Remember only what VP wanted was to be out of CFA as the ‘innocent’ party.

The motivation to see the nationalist Candidate Mahinda Rajapakse elected as he was backed by ultra nationalists who are against the CFA. The objective was to use a possible future confrontation that could pave way to return to the status quo before CFA without being blamed for the breach of the CFA. They also probably expected that the commander Maj.Gen. Shantha Kottegoda and the previous Army hierarchy will remain and Gen Sarath Fonseka will have to retire before Kottegoda’s term ends. VP also never expected Mr. Goatabhaya Rajapakse to be appointed as the defense secretary. Appointment of SF as the commander and GR as the defence secretary made VP realize his blunder and unsuccessful attempts were made to eliminate them.

Mavil Aru

CFA remained even after the election of MR. To his credit he too attempted to continue the peace talks but this time with a specific time plan. This did not fit VP’s plan at all. He never wanted peace talks and handover to democratically elected civilian representatives. At this point he did the biggest blunder of his ‘business’ life. Closure of Mavil Aru was to antagonize the state and go in to a confrontation and not be the attacker and be seen as breaching the CFA conditions. In all probability VP expected that SLA will attempt to take over Mavil aru and when they are close to open the sluice gates. In fact the peace monitors were also attempting to get the gates open without realizing that the GOSL knew VP’s plan and motives.

GOSL liberated Mavil Aru, but it didn't stop there. This is similar to what happened in Kuwait in 1990. When Sadam Hussein invaded Kuwait he expected the allied forces to fight his army in Kuwait and any destruction would take place in Kuwait without any harm to Iraq or to his rule. What allied forces did was to walk in to Iraq and heading towards Bagdad rather than going to Kuwait threatening the survival of Saddam.

Master Strategist?

Since 1980’s VP managed to outthink the opposition let it may Sri Lankan governments, Army and its leaderships, or Tamil leaderships and Tamil masses. He could also foresee the potential threats such as Presidential candidate Late Gamini Dissanayaka and Late Brigadier Lucky Algama. He could manipulate elections such as the presidential election in 1994, 2000 (attempted) and in 2005. However the current president somehow managed to outwit the ‘master strategist’ VP.

MR probably never showed that he could be a bigger and a potential fatal threat to the VP mafia operation. What we have seen in the past was VP using SL/Indian Politicians and discarding them as in the case of using President Premadasa to get rid of IPKF and then eliminating him when he showed signs of been a threat. He used Rajiv Gandhi to win a reprieve when JRJ was on the attack and thereafter ordered former’s death. This perhaps is the first time he met his match. The president ‘handpicked’ by VP destroying him in a way no one thought would be possible.

MR knows that VP enforced an election boycott not as a ‘favor’ to him but due to the selfish reasons mentioned above. This also explains MR getting rid of Mr. Mangala Samaraweera, Sripathi Suriarachchi, and Tiran Alles. If MR believes that VP’s boycott order was due to the works of these gentlemen he would have been grateful to them and not pushed them out of the cabinet when they became uncontrollable. He knew they were claiming credit for something they were not responsible for rather than conveying messages.


(1) Tamils were a means to use but them or their ‘aspirations’ were not his prime concern
(2) It has never been the intention of VP to win a separate democratic state for the Tamils.
(3) It was only a personal political and a ‘business’ agenda to create a territory to rule solely by VP and possibly to pass over to the children of VP.
(4) VP knew fully well that a separate state will never be a reality due to the opposition in Sri Lanka and from India.
(5) All what he wanted was to rule the territory and enrich him self and stooges and backers with Diaspora money, ‘tax’ money, and income from investments.
(6) VP/LTTE has scoffed every opportunity to address the ‘Tamil aspirations’ as it was not their intention to find solutions as it would result other leaders emerging and resulting an end to his reign.
(7) If democracy is restored and other leaders emerge then VP will become irrelevant (except perhaps the veneration) and he will lose control of the massive purse.
(8) So called ‘Tamil aspirations’ would never have become a reality with VP and LTTE.
(9) Civilians in North will be better off without VP and LTTE as they will have democracy and can live without fear and of a tyranny rule.
(10) Civilians will also be better off as there would not be forcible recruitments and sacrificing innocent lives to make VP reach his ambitions.
(11) Unlike during VP’s control when the funds collected by TRO etc. went in to VP/LTTE coffers without any development activities, there would be development and employment creation in the areas.
(12) Tamil Diaspora would be better off without VP/LTTE as there would be no waste of their money to enrich VP and stooges on the pretext of pursuing a never realizable statehood dream.

There are no losers except for VP himself if he his eliminated. On the contrary all Sri Lankans including Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese and Tamil Diaspora would be benefited by such elimination.My appeal to the Tamil Diaspora is to contemplate the above points carefully and decide yourselves whether VP was ever going to deliver the ‘Tamil nation’ to you or not.

Considering the amount of money sent by the Diaspora should there be at least better housing for the poor who lived in those areas? With that kind of money shouldn’t there be better equipment to conduct the war? The truth could be the majority of the money is NOT used of the ‘Tamil cause’ but may be used for VP’s cause and to keep Tamils in his fiefdom for an indefinite period.

If you are a sensible person you will realize VP was not going to deliver the promise land and that was NOT his intention ever. Don’t get fooled by the extensive misinformation campaign aimed at you using youtube, websites such as tamilnet, puligal, putinam etc. Don’t be fooled by the agents of VP who are organizing rallies and protests. They get paid for what they are doing. That’s their job. They keep pressurizing you as if this ends it will end their income too. There are there to keep you misinformed and ensure that they keep getting your money. However much you contribute to his coffers and however longer you do it the ‘dream land’ will NEVER become a reality especially as long as VP is alive.If you put a stop to this large number of innocent lives would be saved. If you stop financing VP and his selfish motives the lives and the future of your kith and kin living in the north and elsewhere would be much better. They will not have to sacrifice the youth to a ‘cause’ that is manipulated by a megalomaniac and a very shrewd ‘businessman’. If you are forced to contribute, confidentially bring the names of collectors to the notice of the law enforcement authorities in your country.

Support the efforts of GOSL to eliminate VP/LTTE and their mafia operation that will be immensely beneficial to the Tamils living everywhere and put a stop to this colossal embezzlement of your money while sacrificing innocent lives of Tamils.

(The writer does not claim to have an in-depth knowledge on LTTE nor on defense or on political matters. Foregoing is a personal opinion based on what was visible to everyone and analyzing the possible reasons for actions and omissions of VP. He sincerely hopes that the Tamil friends would see the real truth on the issue rather than blindly falling for false propaganda.)

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