Monday, April 27, 2009

Staged campaign to win ealam

By Ian

These LTTE hunger strikers and self immolators are paid by LTTE international wing. Anyone who dies by a hunger strike or self immolation, their families are promised/paid approximately $50000. All Tamils living abroad have to pay varying sums to LTTE. (We all know this). Every family member who attends a protest rally is given 1 or 2 weeks respite from payment. I = 3 from a family attend 3-6 weeks off. This is why the large number of protestors. They don’t care two hoots for civilians. They are only at 'work'.Organizers of the rallies are of course in the full time employment of LTTE. They know if LTTE fails their livelihood is at a risk. Also each rally is allocated over a million USD. This is misleading at its best. Need strategies to counter this.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Termination of Employment act of 1971

By Ian

The crucial aspect of development of a country is provision of employment to the population. One could argue that when development comes the employment issue will be addressed. I believe the other way is true. If we keep on creating employment opportunities the people who get employed will create the demand for food, shelter, and later for more discretionary things. This demand created more production and hence more jobs.

Tamils' self determination was never LTTE's Goal

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

By Ian

Many Tamils (and non Tamils) staunchly believe that the intention of VP and LTTE was to secure a Tamil nation in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Many were dreaming of a developed and democratic Tamil nation and were on the belief that VP will deliver that dream to them. It is my belief that the VP’s war since 1980’s in Sri Lanka has been fought only to fulfill dubious political and financial aspirations of narcissist namely Velupillai Prabakaran (VP) and has never been a war to fulfill any so-called aspirations of Tamil people or to seek self determination by Tamils due to ‘discriminations’ by the majority Sinhalese.